High Score: The Best Neighborhoods in the U.S.

If you're looking to move to a new city, consider it's ranking and scores in terms of livability. Here are the best neighborhoods of the U.S.

20th of February, 2018

About 12% of the U.S. population moves every year. That's lower than years past, but people are still on the move.

If you're getting ready to move to a new neighborhood, you want to make sure that the neighborhood you're moving into has everything you want.

Even if you're among those who are staying put, you might be curious to see if your neighborhood lands on this list.

Keep reading to learn what the top neighborhoods in the U.S. are.

What Makes a Great Neighborhood?

There are many factors that make a neighborhood great. A neighborhood where homeowners take pride in their home and neighborhood is a big plus.

A neighborhood that's easily accessible to parks and nature tends to rank highly with residents, too.

These are some of the factors that are considered in our rankings.

Economic Trends

The best neighborhoods have positive economic trends. These rates are based on employment data, total household income, home sales prices, and poverty rates.

Crime Rates

You want to live in a place that's safe and secure. Low crime rates give your neighborhood a sense of peace and help neighbors be more open and trusting of each other.

You can go for walks where people aren't afraid to say hello to each other.

You can tell if your neighborhood is safe by looking at census data or seeing if there's a neighborhood watch group.

School District

If you have kids, you have the added stress of giving them the best education possible. You want to be sure that your neighborhood is in one of the top school districts.

Rental Rates

Rental rates are an indication of how in-demand a neighborhood is. It also indicates that the in-demand neighborhood has what everyone wants, high quality of life, good schools, high household income, and low crime rates.

Accessibility to Shopping, Restaurants, and Entertainment

You may love your home, but you don't want to be there all the time. You're going to want to go out and have fun. You certainly don't want going out to be a hassle.

The best neighborhoods are well-known for their accessibility to shopping, good restaurants, and entertainment.

The Best Neighborhoods to Live In

Now that you know what goes into what makes a great neighborhood, take a look at this list of the top neighborhoods in the U.S.

La Gorce, Miami, FL

La Gorce is an exclusive island neighborhood in Miami Beach. Here, you'll find a 24-hour security entryway and a very calm lifestyle.

You'll probably run into a celebrity or two as Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez, and Dwayne Wade have homes in La Gorce.

Eastover, Charlotte, NC

What makes Eastover an interesting neighborhood is that is was developed in 1927 by Earle Summer Draper, one of the best urban planners in the first half of the 20th century.

This historic area is one of the most sought-after in Charlotte, and with good reason. It's the perfect place to raise a family.

It's a quiet neighborhood, that's a short commute to downtown. There are small shops in the area, loads of green space, and local churches.

Beaumont-Wilshire, Portland, OR

This village in Northeast Portland boasts everything you could possibly want in a neighborhood. Walkability, access to parks and public transportation, top restaurants, wine bars and brewpubs, and great schools.

The people in this older, and well-established neighborhood are friendly and warm.

It's also home of Ramona Quimby, the character from Beverly Cleary's children's books. Stop by Klickitat Street to say hello.

Whittier, Denver, CA

Situated two miles northeast of downtown Denver, Whittier is a neighborhood that's great for working families and singles.

The area is full of historic charm, featuring Queen Anne, Victorian, and Denver Square styled homes.

It's accessible to downtown by way of light rail, opening up the opportunity to do whatever you'd like.

Laveen, Phoenix, AZ

Laveen is an up and coming section of the Phoenix metropolitan area. There are newer homes here and the area is more affordable than other areas, such as Scottsdale.

Plus, you're only eight miles from downtown Phoenix, with easy access to public transportation.

Elmhurst, Queens, NY

Elmhurst is known for its working-class roots, but it's slowly emerged as one of the most diverse areas in New York.

You'll find restaurants that reflect this diversity, serving up Argentinian, Thai, Indonesian, and Chinese cuisine. That's just the start of the list. If there's a particular dish you're looking for, you'll find it in Elmhurst.

There's no shortage of shops and restaurants along Woodside Avenue, which is one of the most affluent streets in Elmhurst.

Alamo Heights, San Antonio, TX

Alamo Heights has a name for its residents, "The 09ers," which is based on the last two digits of the area's zip code.

If you decide to become a 09er, you can expect to live close to downtown San Antonio, and you'll live in one of the oldest areas of the city.

This quaint area is home to excellent restaurants, great schools, and tree-lined streets. You can't go wrong in Alamo Heights.

Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

The Buckhead area of Atlanta is arguably the most beautiful and trendy in the South. You can go for a stroll through Chastain Park or shop at top establishments at Lennox Square Mall.

Buckhead is also full of pubs and is the center of Atlanta's craft beer scene.

There's culture and history in Buckhead since it's home of the Atlanta History Center.

Back Bay, Boston, MA

The Back Bay is one of Boston's oldest neighborhoods. You'll find a blend of old Victorian brownstones and large, modern commercial buildings.

The Back Bay is home to Boston's alternative and trendy Newbury Street and Boylston Street.

You won't have a shortage of things to do in this neighborhood.

Is Your Neighborhood One of the Best Neighborhoods?

The best neighborhoods in the U.S. have a few things in common. They're desirable, have low crime rates, and they're among great school districts.

If your curious to see where your neighborhood stands, do a search using our search tool:

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